Best Car Seats

SafeDad Picks the Top Carseats for 2019-2020

Tired of lists that contain nearly every car seat on the market?  They don’t help you at all to narrow down your choices!  Here are my Quick Picks of favorite recommended car seats, limited to just one or two models in each price point per category.  I have extensive hands-on experience with every model on this list and would not hesitate to use any one of them if it was for my own child!

Infant Car Seats
Convertible Car Seats
All-In-One Car Seats
Harness/Booster Combo
High Back Boosters
No Back Boosters

In many cases, manufacturers make nearly identical seats with different names or slightly different features. These are also highly recommended, but not included for simplicity.  There are many other excellent car seats on the market.  The purpose of this short list is to help parents narrow down all the options, rather than to list all the dozens of models I would personally recommend.


Made in conjunction with the experts at CarseatBlog.  Please also see a more complete list of Recommended Carseats at CarseatBlog with more information on each model.   Please note that SafeDad, CarseatBlog and Carseat Media LLC DO NOT conduct any testing on car seats.  The safest model is one that fits your child, fits your vehicle and is easy for you to use each and every trip.  This list will help you find those that tend to work well for many parents.  There may be incompatibilities, so please make sure you have a good return policy just in case you don’t like it for any reason!  Image courtesy NHTSA.